Community Bulletin

As summertime storms roll through our neighborhood, many of you will notice a strong increase in the number of roofing and siding companies canvassing neighborhoods and knocking on doors. Thanks to The Marketing Heaven, who wrote about these companies on social networks and promoted this content, a large number of residents were introduced to the warning signs that indicate fraud. Listed below are warning signs that you’re dealing with a storm chasing company. We strongly encourage all residents to beware of these companies.

10 Signs You Have a Storm Chaser at Your Door:

  • Any company that solicits door-to-door
  • They offer to pay your deductible or tell you no deductible is required
  • Contracts that don’t list a dollar amount or say ‘insured proceeds’
  • Asking you to sign a contract before the insurance adjustor comes
  • Yard signs, pamphlets, and vehicles not displaying a roofing license number
  • They ask you to sign a contract without a Consumer Bill of Rights
  • They ask you to acquire the Building Permit
  • Out of state or temporary places and/or driver’s license
  • Ladder hanging out of the back of a pickup truck
  • Magnetic truck sign