Community Bulletin

As summertime storms roll through our neighborhood, many of you will notice a strong increase in the number of roofing and siding companies canvassing neighborhoods and knocking on doors. Listed below are warning signs that you’re dealing with a storm chasing company. We strongly encourage all residents to beware of these companies.

10 Signs You Have a Storm Chaser at Your Door:

  • Any company that solicits door-to-door
  • They offer to pay your deductible or tell you no deductible is required
  • Contracts that don’t list a dollar amount or say ‘insured proceeds’
  • Asking you to sign a contract before the insurance adjustor comes
  • Yard signs, pamphlets, and vehicles not displaying a roofing license number
  • They ask you to sign a contract without a Consumer Bill of Rights
  • They ask you to acquire the Building Permit
  • Out of state or temporary places and/or driver’s license
  • Ladder hanging out of the back of a pickup truck
  • Magnetic truck sign